What People Are Saying About Us

Happy New Year. We're looking forward to continued use of NowMessage. It's been a great help.


I think the program is great and is working flawlessly.


Awesome. Thanks Don. Love the product. Keep me on your email list for any upgrades or new beta tests coming up.


It is working great! I will be recommending this on my "Tips & Tricks" hand-out for new customers! I had #1 Blackberry sales in our small chain of 3 stores last week!

The BEST part is the ease of saving numbers to your address book from your messages! A convenience not available from conventional voicemail!


Thanks for this great innovative product. It really makes life easy. The registration was very simple, just a couple of steps RIGHT from my blackberry and I was set up in mins. This is the NUMBER ONE MUST HAVE FREE PROGRAMS for ALL blackberry users. Thanks!