service expanded to support Alltel and U.S. Cellular Blackberry users.

Boston, Massachusetts, October 21, 2008 - Common Voices, a leader in IP voicemail systems, announces the immediate availability of for Blackberry® users on Alltel Wireless and U.S. Cellular networks.

A free service, releases users from the restrictions of conventional voicemail.

“I am thrilled with the response to our service and to hear from subscribers that solves real problems for Blackberry users,” said Todd Hasselbeck, Chief Executive Officer of Common Voices.  “We’ve received many requests to include additional wireless networks, both in the U.S. and in Canada.  I am pleased to welcome Alltel and U.S. Cellular subscribers to experience the smart voicemail features available through” is used in place of the bundled voicemail that comes with your wireless phone service. allows users to hear their voice messages directly through their Blackberry, or over a multimedia computer, or via any telephone. records your voicemail message and sends it to your e-mail account, so your mailbox is never full and messages never expire.  It brings Unified Communications to your Blackberry in the same way that state of the art business phone systems combine e-mail and voicemail messages on your desktop.

“I signed up as soon as I heard that was available for U.S. Cellular,” said Karen Meredith, a subscriber.  “I thought it was so cool to get my voice messages in my e-mail box that I told my co-workers to sign up too-including my boss.” voicemail works with any e-mail account, and messages can easily be forwarded to friends and family or saved for protection or posterity.  The user is also notified of all calls missed when the phone is powered off or out of range. Not only is the service free, subscribers can pick up messages without spending wireless voice minutes.

Blackberry users served by compatible US-based wireless networks (currently Alltel Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon Wireless) can sign up by visiting


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Common Voices Inc.
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(617) 286.1612

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