Can I use NowMessage with my home phone?

It is possible to use the NowMessage service with your land line phone, but with some limitations.

You will need to call your telephone company and order “call forwarding on no-answer” and, if you don’t have call waiting, order “call forwarding on busy”. Ask them to forward the calls to 617.286.1800. Monthly charges do apply to these services. Long distance charges may also apply.

Next, sign up for a NowMessage account. Do not select the text messaging option and do not enter the “*” code we provide you to forward your calls. These are only for cell phones and will not work with a land line phone.

At this time we are unable to provide a message waiting indicator (interrupted dial tone) when messages are received for a land line phone. You can check your messages on your computer or hear them by calling 617.286.1800.

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