Android Users Receive Voicemails Instantly in Gmail Accounts Thanks to

Boston, Massachusetts, April 16, 2009 – Common Voices, a leader in IP voicemail systems, announces the immediate availability of enhanced voicemail for Android G1 phones using the T-Mobile® network. A free service, removes the restrictions of traditional network-based voicemail by leveraging the e-mail and display capabilities of the G1 smart phone. allows users to view and hear their voice messages directly on their G1 handset. Since sends your messages to your Gmail account, your voice mailbox is never full and messages are protected forever.

“I love my G1 phone, but I was disappointed to learn that the voicemail was not integrated with my e-mail account. I signed up for after reading about it on the web, and it is exactly the right tool for the job. I had tried other services in the past, and they didn’t work, were too expensive or were too complicated to use. NowMessage strikes the right balance—it gives me my voice mail in my e-mail, just the way I want it,” said Chance Justin Korte, President/CEO of ZIONTEL.

Google® built Android from the ground-up to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full advantage of all a handset has to offer. calls upon the phone’s core functionality, in this case the ability to display and play new and saved voicemail messages on the handset, without having to dial-up a traditional voicemail system. Since all messages are presented via Gmail, they can be forwarded, archived or replied to as e-mail. service works with any e-mail account. Subscribers can also be notified of all calls missed when the phone is powered off or out of range. Since voice messages arrive in e-mail over the data network, subscribers can listen to their messages without spending wireless voice minutes. T-Mobile G1 users can sign up in seconds by visiting


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