NowMessage Provides a No-Hassle Approach to Voicemail

With NowMessage all of your incoming voicemail messages are delivered as audio attachments to your e-mail account. You can still retrieve your messages using your wireless phone – just like you always have. But you can now also retrieve your messages in whatever way suits you best: Blackberry®, PC, telephone… whatever!

NowMessage is a free service that works with any e-mail account. Messages can be forwarded, saved, and sorted as e-mail.

Here are some more reasons to use NowMessage:

  • If you receive a lot of voicemail, you’ll find it easier to sort through it in e-mail. With each message the name and number of the caller will be shown when caller ID is available.
  • If you have messages you want to keep, no worries – once the message is in e-mail it’s yours. NowMessage will not delete them just because they’re a few days old.
  • Messages are deposited directly into your e-mail account. You do not have to visit our web site to get your messages.
  • Flying? When WiFi is available you can get your messages even if your phone has no bars.
  • NowMessage is easy. It works just like your carrier’s voicemail, but better.

Even if you don’t have a smart phone, NowMessage is a great service to use with any cell phone. We can send you a text message to let you know when a message has arrived. You can also be notified of missed calls when the phone is powered off or out of range. And if your battery has ever died at work, you’ll like being able to check your e-mail to see if you got any voice messages.

NowMessage – smart voicemail for smart phones.

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